Ivy League Translators™

Get your professional translation deliverable needs under control with Ivy League Translators™!

Are you a Spanish professional or professional service that must produce deliverables rapidly for an English-speaking government agency?

Then, they force you to wait two-three months for your payment because your detailed deliverable was submitted in Spanish and they have sent your work to a third-party service for translation?

Take advantage of the highest quality in interpretation and translation services for your professional needs.

Submit your deliverables in English, and get your money NOW with the unique services of Ivy League Translators™ for professionals.

  • In-person interpretation is offered in certain countries in both North and South America to support detailed needs such as touring and site-seeing, business negotiations, and community relations activities.  So, be sure to ask!
  • English as a second language is a new teaching service available for children and youth.

Ivy League Traductores™ (en español)

Ivy League Translators

You have easy options to use the services of Ivy League Translators™.  

Michelle Ortiz, Tagalog translator

You can reach us directly and process project payments: HERE.

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