IvyLeagueWorks – Consulting Services for International U.S. Veterans AND Translation Services for business, Professional and Commercial

The IvyLeagueWorks™ niche-focused online division is our premier consulting service.

IvyLeagueWorks™ gives targeted clients the highest doctorate-level standard by delivering dual, consulting and translating services.

The consulting and translating services offer international clients graduate-level, college-educated resources:

  1. Ivy League Consulting™ with Ivy League Writing™ for international, FMP U.S. veterans, and
  2. Ivy League Translators™certified translator services to Spanish-speaking professional organizations and English-speaking to very limited commercial businesses.

IvyLeagueWorks for Your Consulting Services, Veterans or Medical Writing needs!

Here’s how IvyLeagueWorks™ can solve your unique need…

  • Ivy League Consulting™ seeks to support our international, FMP U.S. veterans with the most important need beyond saying, “thank you for your service.”


Ivy League-educated, veteran consultants seek what has made the best of each veteran-client and identify goals that will shape a successful plan that has the highest potential for positive outcomes.  

Most veterans’ plans include an upgrade in VA benefits, which requires a claim or appeal processed by the veteran, independently, with the VA. 

Ivy League Writing™ further offers detailed medical literature reviews of medical standards literature that help to support the veteran’s personal, independent positions as they process their claims or appeals with the VA.

Medical writing includes mental health, public health, military medicine in medical, academic format as is appropriate of formal literature reviews for international U. S. Veteran-authored claims and appeals submitted to the Veterans Administration.

Ivy League Translators

  • Ivy League Translators™ meets a growing demand for certified translator (CT) services by focusing on the niche group that needs it most: professional organizations.

Professional organizations in the Spanish-speaking community have discovered they need ONLINE, certified Spanish-English translator (CT) services before their English-speaking businesses and governments will transact reimbursement of invoices. 

Often, government invoices are received in Spanish and shipped out immediately to third-party agents for translation. We resolve the 90+ days delay before reimbursement processing begins and the client is paid fast. 

Commercial  organizations in the Spanish-speaking community have also discovered they need ONLINE, certified EnglishSpanish translator (CT) services before their English-speaking clients will complete many transactions. This very limited service has attracted international FMP U.S.veterans.

Time is money

Ivy League Translators™
  today to start your ONLINE certified translator (CT) service at your professional organization.  

And, if you qualify, commercial business!

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