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[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”WILL ROSELLINI, JD, MBA” avatar=”” byline=”Executive Chairman, Rosellini Scientific” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””]Dr. Carr has been an instrumental asset in designing and supporting our pilot study in TelePsychiatry healthcare delivery. He has a thorough and innovative approach to looking at healthcare models and making improvements. We greatly appreciate the work he has performed for us and plan to reengage for future projects.[/ms_testimonial]

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”RAFFINO MORSTAR” avatar=”” byline=”OutsourceM, Project Manager” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””]Ivy League Works provides excellent work as always. Talented writers, they are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients.[/ms_testimonial]

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”SHERRI LOWERY” avatar=”” byline=”Lowery’s Accounting Service” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””]Exceeds my expectations! At times I think he could be a mind reader with his ability to provide structured content when I didn’t think it was possible without having him “in house” to do so![/ms_testimonial]

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”ERIC GRILL” avatar=”” byline=”CEO, Coin Outlet, INC and Platinum Choices, LLC” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””]Fantastic writers! Wrote very engaging articles and made a huge impact on the site! Would definitely hire again when the need arose![/ms_testimonial]

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”TONY DESLANDIS” avatar=”” byline=”BLOG OWNER” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””]I am extremely astonished by the quality and how quick the turnaround! It is impressive to see the level of analysis regarding the shortness of timeframe. i ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND THIS FREELANCER.[/ms_testimonial]

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”ADRIANNA CARGILE” avatar=”” byline=”CEO, DDG Events & Entertainment LLC” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””]Excellent! Does not take the job for the check. Truly understood my shortcomings and helped make sure I understood the process, was patient and was ahead of schedule the entire time.[/ms_testimonial]

[ms_testimonial style=”box” name=”Dr. Anthony Blanford, MD” avatar=”” byline=”Physician” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””]Doc Carr’s performance certainly lived up to his credentials and experience, which are quite extensive. At first, I was a little intimidated, but Dr. Carr is down-to-earth, open-minded, and goes out of his way to understand what the client (myself in this case) desires, and was even able to clarify some of the goals and definitely improve on them. It is certainly my loss that I was not able to take full advantage of his talents. I do believe we were well on the way to creating a viable medical paper for publication, perhaps in a high-standing journal. As an aside, but not to be taken for granted, he always kept me up to date regarding his progress, and was very patient when I was facing setbacks. I doubt that I even touched the talent that he possesses, and he certainly has the credentials to substantiate significant drive and ambition, understand and curiosity, and ability to perform at a consistently high level. You can count on him to deliver what he says, and also to not over promise what he is capable of. On several occasions he did point out that he was limited by circumstances, usually access to rare resources, and we were working on solving this when I had to end the project because of personal reasons. I would certainly pick up where we stopped, but by then I think I will have something more challenging to his talent. On a practical point he is articulate, very clear in expressing complex ideas, and also adding ideas of his own.[/ms_testimonial]

Dr. J. Carr, Contributor – Ivy League Consulting™

Joel R Carr DO MPH MBAI remember when Ivy League Works™ was just getting started. It was fun, exciting, and team-spirited. Guess what? It still is!

What’s great about contributing to Ivy League Works™ is that it doesn’t feel like I’m part of a company, but rather, a family. No boring suits. No ties. No corporate culture negativity. Each team member plays a valuable part of the whole making the flavor of the group sparkle and savor each assigned project.

The resulting team culture (some of it linked by the Internet) is as though we’re getting ready to just hang out and have a fun time doing what we love to do. And, in reality, it IS fun!  Sure!  We do roll up our sleeves and get busy excitedly bent on exceeding client expectations.  Still, the means to the goal is always to have lots of fun!

Yup!  Sometimes its sharing jokes to get the positive mindset energized.  Other times, when the Pomodoro “mental break” timer goes off, it’s a healthy round of electronic games, shared for all.  Someone is always volunteering break-time, brain teasers about TV shows, movies, and other trivia to keep our creative juices flowing. But, I have to say that the gourmet coffee breaks are a thing to live for ’cause Starbucks has nothing on these offerings!

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